These files are meant to be printed out in color with the red circle pages acting as the backs of the other pages.  Consider using a darker piece of paper in between the pages to reduce transparency and laminating them after cutting and gluing them back to back.  They are free for personal use as long as the the copyright information is included.

Chanbara Cards.pdf

The cards introduce a random element to training.  We can operate in our comfort zones too often by training with the same weapon, favoring the same target, working with the same people, etc., leading to an unintended narrow field of expertise.  The cards compel people to practice outside their comfort zones and become more versatile.

Try them out and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for new cards.


If you'd like to try Chanbara and live in or around the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA send us an e-mail and we'll let you know where our next occasional free session will be.  Michael Langewisch is a certified Chanbara Instructor with the United States Chanbara Federation.