Chanbara's padded weapons allow full-speed weapons sparring.  While practicing you'll get a feel for just how fast weapons are and how cunning opponents can be when the fight isn't scripted.  You'll learn quickly while having a lot of fun with Chanbara.  Take a look at some of the ideas you can use while training.

Not only do the padded weapons allow development of one-on-one skills, you can also face multiple attackers and varied weapons to develop a greater understanding of each and possibly change your training.  It doesn't take long to reap some of the benefits Chanbara offers.  In fact, you'll probably have a pretty good inkling in the first 2 seconds when first using double tonfa against a staff that you are gonna' need a bigger boat...

You can try just about scenario you'd like under close to combat conditions:

If you'd like to try Chanbara and live in or around the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA send me an e-mail and I'll let you know where our next occasional free session will be.  Michael Langewisch is a certified Chanbara Instructor with the United States Chanbara Federation.


I enjoy teaching when asked and guest instruct at Camp Budoshin as needed.  Visit to learn more about the annual event.



In memory of Charles B. Fisher


A few of the quarterly newsletters I wrote from the Van Nuys Mid-Valley Y.M.C.A. Karate class days

Sumo (1993)

Kata (1995)

Lining Up (1996)

Weapons Safety (2000)